CoreTec Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Looks GREAT On Steps, Too!

CoreTec luxury vinyl tile plank flooring on steps stairs

Yes, CoreTec’s very popular luxury vinyl flooring looks great and performs beautifully on stairs, too. I have it in my basement and it has been an amazing addition to the decor of my home… plus I don’t have to worry about water because it’s water-proof.

We carry several lines of waterproof flooring and the visuals just keep getting better and better. Provenza’s line of waterproof LVT has award-winning style that looks so good, we brought in all of their flooring lines.

Call 301-937-0030 or email me for details.

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Author: carpet1beltsville

Chris Moline is our General Manager of Retails sales. He's a former active-duty Marine, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt under Carlos Catania at Bowie MMA, and father of three amazing children.

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