Capella Hardwood Floors – Beltsville, Silver Spring, Laurel, Maryland

For a solid oak floor with beautiful character, Capella’s “Smooth Solid” series is hard to beat. Lots of variation in color from board-to-board makes your floor a highlight of the room… and that’s how it should be!
At least in my opinion :-]
Capella hardwood floors beltsville laurel silver spring maryland.png
Rustic grade floors like the Smooth Solid series by Capella, have the following characteristics:
Knots – knots are filled with epoxy and sanded smooth.
Filled Splits – sometimes fine splits occur during the drying process. These splits are filled with epoxy prior to finishing. This filler bonds to the wood and prevents further splitting.
Large mineral streaks – these are olive and greenish streaks common in many hardwoods.
High color variation – differences in color from plank-to-plank are common in many hardwoods. Higher grades tend to select for the least amount of variation. This does not impact performance in any way.
With all of the above, the lighter the color of stain, the more apparent the characteristic.
The color line is simple, consisting of five options
– Capella Smooth Solid Gray
– Capella Smooth Solid Saddle
– Capella Smooth Solid Butterscotch
– Capella Smooth Solid Gunstock
– Capella Smooth Solid Natural (White Oak)
The first four are red oak and the natural is white oak, which looks slightly different from red oak, but still has lots of character.
If you’re looking for a floor that truly “pops”, consider this line and you won’t be disappointed by it, or by its price!
Call 301-477-1654 or email me for more information on this and many other floors.


Chris Moline LEED AP, CAPS
General Manager of Retail Sales
Contract Carpet One

Author: carpet1beltsville

Chris Moline is our General Manager of Retails sales. He's a former active-duty Marine, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt under Carlos Catania at Bowie MMA, and father of three amazing children.

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