Waterproof Flooring For Homes & Basements in Maryland and Washington DC

It’s been raining in the DC area… a lot. Our friends in Ellicott City have been through another “1,000 year” flood two years in a row.
And all that rain leads to phone calls.
“My basement flooded and my insurance agent told me to call your company.”
While we hate to see our clients go through the hassle of a flooded basement, we are really good at helping them recover.
That’s where our waterproof flooring lines from Carpet One, CORETec, Mannington Adura, and Provenza come in.

If you’re replacing your basement flooring – carpet, laminate, hardwood – because of a flood, let’s talk about a waterproof solution. Of course, ceramic/porcelain tile is waterproof. Heck, they line pools and steam rooms with it.
But it’s pricey.
For lest than half the cost, you can get an amazing looking, warm, quiet floor that won’t let water bother it. Luxury vinyl tile, or “LVT” as we call it, is dominating the flooring market and its waterproof quality is one of the main reasons. The visuals are also stunning and I can still be fooled into thinking the newer looks are actual wood… even after 20 years in the business.
They look THAT good!

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Chris Moline LEED AP, CAPS
General Mgr of Retail Sales

Capella Hardwood Floors – Beltsville, Silver Spring, Laurel, Maryland

For a solid oak floor with beautiful character, Capella’s “Smooth Solid” series is hard to beat. Lots of variation in color from board-to-board makes your floor a highlight of the room… and that’s how it should be!
At least in my opinion :-]
Capella hardwood floors beltsville laurel silver spring maryland.png
Rustic grade floors like the Smooth Solid series by Capella, have the following characteristics:
Knots – knots are filled with epoxy and sanded smooth.
Filled Splits – sometimes fine splits occur during the drying process. These splits are filled with epoxy prior to finishing. This filler bonds to the wood and prevents further splitting.
Large mineral streaks – these are olive and greenish streaks common in many hardwoods.
High color variation – differences in color from plank-to-plank are common in many hardwoods. Higher grades tend to select for the least amount of variation. This does not impact performance in any way.
With all of the above, the lighter the color of stain, the more apparent the characteristic.
The color line is simple, consisting of five options
– Capella Smooth Solid Gray
– Capella Smooth Solid Saddle
– Capella Smooth Solid Butterscotch
– Capella Smooth Solid Gunstock
– Capella Smooth Solid Natural (White Oak)
The first four are red oak and the natural is white oak, which looks slightly different from red oak, but still has lots of character.
If you’re looking for a floor that truly “pops”, consider this line and you won’t be disappointed by it, or by its price!
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Chris Moline LEED AP, CAPS
General Manager of Retail Sales
Contract Carpet One

About Chris Moline

Chris Moline LEED AP, CAPS

I write these posts for Contract Carpet One in Beltsville, Maryland, where I’m the General Manager of Retail Sales. Prior to joining the team here, I ran a very successful showroom in Alexandria, Virginia – Alexandria Carpet One – and focused on moving stock designer wools and hosting CEU courses for interior designers, as well as a fantastic shop-at-home department.
The flooring business has been good to me and I’ve been in it for almost twenty years. I absolutely LOVE beautiful floors and even hardwood flooring installed on walls as accent walls.
The University of Maryland at College Park is where I earned my BA in journalism and it was an incredible experience that led to a position as assistant editor and restaurant reviewer for the Washington Diplomat. Yes, reviewing restaurants was a BLAST!!!


I’ve got three amazing kids and am truly enjoying life!


Chris Moline

CoreTec Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Looks GREAT On Steps, Too!

CoreTec luxury vinyl tile plank flooring on steps stairs

Yes, CoreTec’s very popular luxury vinyl flooring looks great and performs beautifully on stairs, too. I have it in my basement and it has been an amazing addition to the decor of my home… plus I don’t have to worry about water because it’s water-proof.

We carry several lines of waterproof flooring and the visuals just keep getting better and better. Provenza’s line of waterproof LVT has award-winning style that looks so good, we brought in all of their flooring lines.

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Benefits of Woven vs Tufted Carpet. Does Backing Really Matter?

Pile and backing of woven wool stanton carpet.jpg
This is a picture of the pile (left) and woven backing of a piece of Stanton designer wool carpet.

On the left of the above picture,  you see the front (pile) of this woven wool piece by Stanton. Now look at the back on the right. You can see how cleanly the fibers are locked in place for clear lines and excellent visuals.

All carpet consists of two major components – pile and backing – with some having secondary backings added for various reasons (cushion, etc…) Most retail customers never see woven carpet because the low- to middle-end residential market is dominated by tufted goods.

So why discuss woven carpet?

Woven carpet has many advantages, although it costs a bit more than your average tufted piece. Woven carpets offer architects, designers  and end-users distinct advantages over other pieces on the market in terms of aesthetics, performance and value. The Axminster looms used to make woven carpet offer unique flexibility in color and design.
Each piece of pile yarn is individually woven into place yielding complex and intricate designs created with pinpoint precision and high-definition. During the weaving process, yarn is woven around warps (vertical fibers) and locked in place with horizontal strands. The carpet is one piece instead of having an applied backing plus the pile and added latex that can break down over time and delaminate.

Another benefit is less material waste. Woven carpets made with 100% New Zealand wool can be some of the finest you’ll ever see. The added benefit of using less material with the same resultant feel can save dollars for your project.

Here is an example of a tufted piece showing the secondary backing, coated with latex. Over time, the latex can break down and the secondary backing can separate or “delaminate” and cause ripples and bubbles that cannot be stretched out.

If you’ve ever felt a swatch of woven carpet, you’ll have noticed how supple the whole piece feels, whereas a tufted piece would feel rigid unless it was left in the warm sun to soften.
Tufted carpet backing and pile

Woven carpets differ from tufted construction in terms of the weaving process. Axminster looms weave pile and backing materials together in one step, eliminating the problem of delamination from high foot traffic and rolling loads. This gets rid of the potential for bubbles, ripples, and potential premature product failure, that happens in heavy traffic areas with tufted carpet.

An added benefit of wool is absorption/ release of moisture during periods of high and low humidity assisting with stabilizing the thermal properties of the space.

We stock woven wools from Karastan, Stanton, Nourison and Kaleen and offer amazing pricing. Email Chris with any questions and to see what we currently have in stock.


Chris with Reina the wonderdog GSD
Chris Moline LEED AP, CAPS is our General Manager of Retail Sales

Accent Wall Installation In Our DC-Area Showroom – Hard Wax Oiled, Wire Brushed, High-Character Engineered Oak From Provenza

Some things are just plain fun. Choosing stunning material for an accent wall and seeing the project go from paper to reality is one of those fun things and it never gets old.

This stunning accent wall is in our Beltsville, Maryland showroom entry is a real attention-getter! Big thanks to the folks at Provenza for supplying the material – Studio Moderno, Cavalli.

The good folks from Provenza worked with us to select a unique engineered floor for an accent wall in our showroom entry area. The Studio Moderno line had everything we were looking for – wire-brushed, high-character, cracks, knots, lots of color variation from plank-to-plank, and a hard-wax oil finish that penetrates the woods pores instead of sitting on top. This finish results in the most natural look. Some would call this “barn wood” but it’s not reclaimed.

Here’s a closeup showing the plank variation and grain stunning grain.

Closeup of oil finished wood accent wall
Look at that sexy grain! Wire brushing, combined with the hard wax oil finish = stunning.
Closeup of Provenza engineered Studio Moderno wire brushed oak wood flooring
Here is a closeup view showing the top layer and effect of wire brushing. It removes some of the softer grain and really adds to the look.

Here are some photos of the process:


Staggering the joints is key. I wouldn’t have minded more short pieces, but you won’t hear me complain about this one.
While using glue AND nails may seem like overkill, this location is just inside the main entrance and experiences wild temperature fluctuations. Better safe than sorry! Besides, we’re not planning on taking it down… ever!

We chose to use Mapei’s ECO373 fast-grab adhesive as well as nails to ensure a clean installation. Now that it’s finished, everyone who walks by comments on it.
What do you think?

Call 385-474-5352 or
Email Chris to let him know!

Chris with Reina the wonderdog GSD
Chris Moline LEED AP, CAPS is our General Manager of Retail Sales

Video Tour Of Our Wool Remnants In Our Metro Washington DC Showroom


Here is a short video I made for a customer who lives a couple hours from our store and wanted a good idea of what we have in stock. After watching this video, she came in and  picked three Karastan remnants, saving a considerable amount of money.

If you are looking for New Zealand Wool and beautiful style, come check us out! Send me an email or call 301-477-1654.


Chris with Reina the wonderdog GSD
Chris is our General Manager of Retail Sales.