“Green” Flooring

Green. Every time I turn around, someone is telling me why their stuff is “green.” I’m getting more than a little skeptical.
Many flooring manufacturers are less-than-stellar when it comes to “greenwashing” (over-stating the environmentally-friendly nature of their product). “Look, the label on the back of our samples is recyclable!” they’d say with joy.

I’m not amused.

In fact, if you have experience working on projects with LEED certification as the goal, you would not be amused as well.
I want REAL GREEN and I want it now. And, as it turns out, I’ve got it.
Let me run down a list of some truly-amazing green flooring we have:
1 – Sorona SmartStrand or Triexta polymer – This stuff is really green. In fact, it’s partially made of corn oil and is fully recyclable.

2 – PET fiber – this is what happens to your old soda (or water and ketchup) bottles and it’s a truly-green story. Do a little search on PET fiber and you’ll see the whole story from grocery shelf to recycling bin to your floor.  Very believable.

3 – Natural Wool – Now, call me slow, but it didn’t register at first that wool comes from sheep and sheep are, well, green… I mean, white. Well, you know what I mean.  Add to that the natural latex used is some of the backings and you’ve got a truly green floor covering. We carry the complete line of “Nature’s Carpet” wool carpet and it’s very green. Un-dyed wool, natural fiber and natural latex backings make this truly eco-friendly.

4 – Recycled pad – we have many underlayments for carpet that are recycled from foam from the furniture industry and fabric from the clothing industry.

5 – Anything by Milliken – Milliken carpet mill is the most environmentally-friendly flooring business in the world. That’s right, it’s the greenest facility in the world! Nice job, Mr. Milliken!

And so on…

Keep coming back for more information on green flooring choices. We’re all over it and would be proud to help you put it all over your floors!

Chris Moline
Chris Moline LEED AP, CAPS – General Manager of Retail Sales


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