Video Tour Of Our Wool Remnants In Our Metro Washington DC Showroom


Here is a short video I made for a customer who lives a couple hours from our store and wanted a good idea of what we have in stock. After watching this video, she came in and  picked three Karastan remnants, saving a considerable amount of money.

If you are looking for New Zealand Wool and beautiful style, come check us out! Send me an email or call 301-477-1654.


Chris with Reina the wonderdog GSD
Chris is our General Manager of Retail Sales.

Karastan Woven New Zealand Wool Remnants Now In Stock In Our Beltsville, Silver Spring, Maryland Showroom

We just received a shipment of woven New Zealand wool broadloom carpet from Karastan.
Yes, we LOVE Karastan’s quality!
These are priced FAR below our normal cost and they won’t last long.
For example, Fifth Avenue Flair retails for $14.65 per square foot and we have remnants for less than $4/ft. Madison Avenue is almost $15 per square foot and we have a piece for $3.99/ft.
These prices are amazing!

Fifth Avenue – color 036 12 x 23’4″ 279 sf
Fifth Avenue – color 532 12 x 21’8″ 259 sf
Fifth Avenue – color 544 12 x 12’3″ 147 sf
Madison color 455 12 x 9’11” 118 sf
Perfection color 65702 13’1 x 9’6″ 124 sf
Ardington color 05000 12 x 21’3″ 255 sf
Peridot color 350 12 x 27’3″ 327 sf
Peridot color 009 12 x 12’2 146 sf
Peridot color 032 12 x 9’10” 118 sf
Peridot color 45008 12 x 13’5″ 160 sf

They will hit the wall in our remnant area this Saturday and probably won’t last more than a week or two.

Call 301-477-1654 and ask for Chris Moline, General Manager of Retail Sales, to learn more. Or send Chris an email.

All the best,


Chris with Reina the wonderdog GSD
Chris Moline LEED AP, CAPS is our General Manager of Retail Sales… and he welcomes your pet in the showroom!