Designer Luxury Vinyl Tile LVT Installation In Beltsville, Silver Spring, Laurel, Maryland


We just installed our stock luxury vinyl tile plank in our remnant area and it looks FANTASTIC! We also stock this particular piece and sell it for $1.29/ft as of December 17th, 2017. This price will go up next quarter.

About the installation

The original floor was painted concrete and had seen its better days as you can see in this picture.IMG_0166

Our crew treated the floor by coating it with a feather-finish coating that smooths the floor and helps with adhesion. The existing floor was also a bit rough, so we had to coat the rough areas twice. The result was a very smooth floor with no rough spots that could transfer or “telegraph” through to the new plank flooring we were about to install.

Once the second coat of feather finish dried, the glue was spread and allowed to set until clear.IMG_0189

Then, we began laying the planks.

The result is a stylish floor with lots of character that will hold up for years. We currently stock this flooring, along with all of the materials you would need to install it yourself or you can have our crews install it for you.

Email or call 301-477-1654 and ask for Chris for more information and pricing.

Chris Moline
Chris Moline LEED AP, CAPS – General Manager of Retail Sales